Elaine’s Breast Cancer Story

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Angels Are Among Us

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(2010 by Elaine Peacock)

It was a cold and windy snowy day on the 8th of December, as I sat in shock, sadness and tears. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I stomped my foot and cried, “God, for this I don’t have time!”
I am sure He smiled, saying, “Just trust me, I am with you o’ child of mine”

It was a day my life changed in an instant, one I will always remember.
So many thoughts and feelings for me that very cold day in December.
My husband said, “Just think of all you will have to share when you sing.
As he wrapped his arms around me “We’ll get thru this”, he was so comforting.

Things went so fast, saw the surgeon the following week, December 15
“Caught early” he said and so many decisions to make and to seek
With surgery scheduled for December 22, and so much was at stake
I could not plan the future === Only trust God and His hand I could take

On this journey, a path I did not chose to walk down, trusting in God
One day at a time for His guidance, strength, and love,
Saying to Him, your will not mine, Dear Father
No matter the outcome……I win … I’m a winner.

The cancer had spread so chemotherapy and radiation were in store.
Not a fun roller coaster ride – that is for sure.
But every treatment means one day closer to well.
100% healing I believe, for with Him all things are possible!

So many blessings in the valleys along the way, family friends have showered me.
With love and cards, calls and meals and so many new friends I am privileged to meet.
On this journey of nine months to new life as I learn to take better care and to graciously receive.
All the gifts that God has given me on this very special journey.

On this journey to new life , A path I did not chose to walk down, I trust in God
One day at a time ……. for His guidance, His strength, and His love,
And my prayer to Him brings peace ….. “Dear Father, “Your will not mine”
“ For no matter the outcome ….. with you …… I win”, and I am yours all the time.

9 months to new life…. Sept 22nd brought good news galore
For God knew for sure what was in store
A 3 month checkup since chemo had ceased
We waited for the test results and I was relieved!

Blood tests showed cancer free
Such good news and I shouted Yipee!!!
Thank you God for your healing and grace
I had fought so hard and won the race!

6 month check up showed more of the same
And I thanked God again and praised his name
I live for today and trust Him all the same
For my life is in His hands as I call upon His name

I continue to trust Him one day at a time
For He knows all the answers, reasons and rhymes
My life is in his hands and I trust in His plan
For He wants me here today — just as I am.

Life is unknown, …… and it is so exciting
To see what God has in store and what the future will be bringing
One thing I know for sure is this
Only good gifts and plans for me are on HIS list!

Thank you God for your gift of healing and love
Sent by you from heaven above
Through doctors and nurses and friends and family
O dear lord I praise thee! O dear lord I praise thee! O dear Lord I Praise thee!