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As a breast cancer survivor, I am offering Angels Are Among Us as a free download with the hope that people will donate to the June E Nylen Cancer Cancer’s free mammogram program which was responsible for saving my life.

My Story…

In spring of 2015 God Sent me an angel!!  While visiting us our friend guitar player, Dave Bergquist called an old friend of his in Minneapolis that he used to work with…he called her the Queen of Country Music in Minnesota in the 1970’s!!  Her name, Kim Martin!  A few weeks later she called me and asked if I would mind her writing a song for me!  She had visited my web page and felt she knew me enough to do so! After we talked she sent me a song “Angels Are Among Us”, called my phone and sang it on my messages!  I loved it… she sent me the words and Dave set about putting chords to it, I practiced it  and we went to the Two Bird Dogs Studio, owned by my friend Steve Bankey in Dakota Dunes SD and recorded a scratch vocal and instrumental!

In the meantime, a musician in Nashville, that I connected with on LinkedIn, contacted me and related he would be interested in working with me sometime! That is Gerry Peters of Midi Magic Studio!  The rough track was sent to him by email and he set about putting instrumentals together for me to record it.

When he had a scratch instrumental he called and I did a scratch vocal for him over the phone….in order for him to refine the instrumentals!  The beauty of technology!

In the spring of 2016, after receiving the final instrumental track, I returned to the studio in Dakota Dunes and did several vocal takes of the song!  Steve then sent them to Gerry who perfected the vocals and added harmony to it!!

In the winter of 2016, Gerry Peters also made a video to go with the song….

If it weren’t for June E Nylen Cancer Cancer’s free mammogram program, and the ability to be able to get mammogram, I would not be here. When they found the cancer in December it had already spread by the time I had surgery!  It is my hope that people will be generous while enjoying the new song.  There are angels all around us, I received so many blessings from by the angels who were and are in my life and supported me through the chemo and radiation treatments and everyday!

Thank you to Dave Bergquist, Kim Martin, Steve Bankey, Gerry Peters for all your work on this song. Thank you to God and all the angels HE sends to me!!

Written by Kim Martin

Sung By Elaine Peacock

Mastered by Gerry Peters