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Singing has been a lifelong passion for Elaine. She participated in church choir as a child, sang to her own children, led the singing at church, and shared her singing talent at weddings, funerals and other occasions; shared her musical gifts  performing at nursing homes while raising her sons and working full time.

Elaine shares that “Over the years I was asked if I had a recording, so in gratitude to God for His many blessings and wanting to have  something for them and to pursue a professional career,  at the urging of a square dance friend and referral by my brother, an opportunity arose to record my first CD.   “Country Rose Praise” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Gene Breedon Studios.  Country Rose Praise includes a song God gave me to write, “Thank You, Lord”.

It is a song of praise, worship and love for all of His Blessings and can be sung by all ages and any occasion in life.  Country Rose Praise also includes some traditional favorites and originals by Sioux City songwriter, Charles D. Veldhuizen. After the CD was recorded,  I had to overcome, with the help of the Spirit, my mother and friends, a feeling of inadequacy and Satan getting in the way of bringing it to completion and published.  It was a time of personal struggle and growth for me.  It was a time to really believe in the songs that I recorded and that Jesus was all that I had and needed to rely on Him for everything.  It was truly one of the turning points in my life, especially when my Mom said, ‘ You know, people are waiting for your CD and if you don’t continue to get it published then Satan has won’; and, I sure did not want that to happen!  It was released in January 2003!